Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Monday Multitasking Day

I wore all my hats yesterday!

Started with my actor hat, depositing paychecks for my recent stints on Grey's Anatomy and Don't Trust the B-- in Apartment 23 with tremendous gratitude. (Though the latter took more than twice than the former in federal withholding for the same number of allowances. What's up with that?) News on those airdates to come!

Then switched to my producer hat, driving to Silverlake to pick up the (almost) final cut of the short film I produced for John Lopez --

And hand delivering them to the Sundance Institute. Saw this fantastic piece of the Berlin Wall outside --

Then head to my favorite Mid-Wilshire writing spot, The Corner Bakery --

Where I put on my writer hat and cranked through more revisions on my series proposal over a turkey sandwich.

Also edited the fiction piece I'll be reading at the inaugural Relax & Write Work in Progress event on Sunday --

RSVP for this live reading event here!

Finally, ended the day with my fangirl hat at a "Writing for the Web" panel at the WGA, featuring the most impressive spread of food I've ever seen at the Guild --

There were plenty of bigwigs on the panel - Anthony Zuiker, who created the CSI franchise and Web series Cybergeddon, Erica Oyama, who created the hilarious Bachelor-like satire Burning Love, and Dennis Leoni, who created the family drama Los Americans.

But I was there for one reason and one reason alone - to meet the uber-talented Jane Espenson and Brad Bell (aka Cheeks), the creative team behind the groundbreaking and fiercely awesome Husbands the Series, a comedy that is sharper and and more deliciously daring than anything on broadcast television.

I heart this show so much! Jane and Brad were kind enough to chat with me after the panel and pose for pictures. Cheeks photo bomb!

I'm holding a flyer they signed announcing a Husbands digital comic series in collaboration with Dark Horse Comics, launching October 24, 2012. Can't wait!

The panel was a thoughtful discussion on the evolution of original content online, which is just getting better and better.

Hmmm, maybe I should write that mental hospital thriller Web series that's been swirling around in my head...

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