Friday, August 31, 2012

Writer's Diet, Days 6 & 7 - Lazy Conclusion

Where did I go after last Friday's Writer's Diet Experiment? What happened to Days 6 & 7?

I guess you could say I went on a mental vacation. Wish it were a literal one to Hawaii or something, but no, I just could not bring myself to blog after my busy weekend.

But for those who've been anticipating the end of my experiment, here's what happened last weekend.

Saturday started the way every Saturday starts for me - with class at Relax & Write --

And ended with a fundraiser for Artists at Play, a friend's theater company --

FUNdrasier, to be exact, with all the trappings of a great event. Drinks --

Food from The Bun Truck --

I got a Kalbi Marinated Sirloin Bun, a Deep Fried Pork Katsu Bun, and Duck Fat Fries. Flavor heaven!

And a dessert bar from Sugar Fix --

The Brown Butter & Sea Salt Rice Crispy Treats were amazing!

And of course, great friends --

Entertainment was terrific - from an intense Rock Paper Scissors tournament --

To the always incredible Prince Gomolvilas recounting the hilarious adventure that began with his blog post "How Gay is 'High School Musical'?". Epic.

I had to leave early because of the short film shoot the next morning, but not before I won a prize in the raffle --

A 2-Hour Headshot Session with M. Palma Photography - woot! Teresapalooza out!

Here's the video recap of the event -- congrats to Artists at Play for a fantastic evening!

Last Sunday began early - 4:00 am to be exact. I whipped up some Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches for crafty and picked up a coffee traveler from Starbucks.

The shoot began in the apartment in downtown LA --

Then moved to outside a Walgreens --

We don't look conspicuous at all, do we?

The bulk of the day was spent shooting a scene in a car. From the outside, we couldn't hear a thing.

You can see me in the background of this shot, trying to figure out if the scene is going well.

Then back to the apartment building to grab one last scene in a public bathroom --

A long day, but a wonderfully successful one. Happy director --

And a happy producer, with the lead actress and the key prop --

That's a wrap on the shoot...

And a wrap on my Writer's Diet experiment! Phew - day in the life blogging can be time-consuming. I don't know how Lynn Chen does it.

Until next time...


  1. I'll bring you back some Chocolate Macadamia Nuts from Hawaii!!! ( I heard it's energy for the brain :)

  2. ah welcome to my world! the bun truck is amazing, non?