Monday, August 6, 2012

Money Monday: Keeping a Spending Diary

"But I hardly ever buy anything for myself!" you wail. "I just don't have enough money!"

But do you really know how much you spend on any given day? Week? Month?

David Bachcalls it your Latte Factor - all the "unnecessary 'little' expenditures that we waste our money on, without realizing how much they add up to."

Admit it - you have a Latte Factor. We all spend more than we probably should.

And in a business where every penny matters (those classes, headshots, & gas tanks cost money!), getting a grip on where your money goes is the first step to reaching your financial goals while accomplishing your career goals.

So start a spending diary. For one week, write down every cent you spend - at Starbucks, at Banana Republic, etc. You may be surprised where your money goes. Making changes for the better will be easy peasy.

(The last time I did this, I was shocked how much I spent on fast food. Bad for my savings account and bad for my health - so long Del Taco!)

What do you spend too much money on?

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