Thursday, August 2, 2012

Getting Ready to Mix

How I get ready for entertainment industry networking events, like last night's CAPE Summer Mixer --

First, the soundtrack - I used to groove to the Waiting to Exhale albumwhen getting ready to be fancy, but these days I just use the time to catch up on podcasts. Last night's groove was the Suze Orman Show on CNBC. (What? I'm a personal finance nerd.)

Then, start with a modicum of fashion sense. Black shirt dress from Goodwill - only $8! Shirt dresses are still in, right?

Add a Ralph Lauren envelope clutch, also from Goodwill - also $8. Envelope clutches are still in, right?

Always remember to pack business cards!

On to the hair and makeup. I'm absolutely obsessed with this Beauty Blender dupe sponge from AVON!

Revolutionary - seriously. It allows for incredibly sheer foundation coverage, creates a clean airbrush finish, and feels amazing on my skin. And unlike the original Beauty Blender which costs $20, this sponge is only $4.99 from AVON!

I love this sponge so much, I want to eat it!

Then the hair. People always think curly hair is fancy, so I've taken to curling my hair whenever possible. Much easier thanks to all those how-to videos on YouTube.

Add a $4 belt from Goodwill, a borrowed pair of shoes, and I'm ready for a night of schmoozing! (I mean, networking!)

Had a great time at the mixer - saw a ton of friends, managed to eat one chicken skewer and a handful of chips, and smiled the night away.

How do you get ready for industry events?

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