Saturday, August 25, 2012

Writer's Diet, Day 5 - Futile Friday

Friday was just about as productive as Thursday, creativity wise. Maybe one hour total useful work on my short story and a smidge of thought on my pilot. Pathetic.

Began with another croissant and green eggs --

Along with some thawed frozen fruit, a la The Actor's Diet --

And after much stressing over finding a production sound recorder for the short film shoot, my day degraded into fast food --

Though in my defense, we're using a Jack in the Box bag as a prop in the film, so I needed to secure it. It was my job, people.

I booked another Set PA, picked up some library books, and shopped for breakfast and crafty with only a $30 budget - I am invincible!

Put on some incense for an afternoon meditation --

Before heading out to a farewell dinner for an overseas guest at Cafe Del Rey. I had a few wonderful dishes that made for awful pictures, so I'll just show you our desserts - a Pistachio Carrot Cake and a Kaffir Lime Creme Brulee.

The cake was amazing but the creme brulee tasted like household cleaner. Wish I had Ben & Jerry's Key Lime Pie ice cream instead!

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