Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Hump Day Update: Video Distraction Overload Edition

My lack of blogging lately is due to two factors. One, I've been focused on developing a TV pitch that's actually going to be heard soon. My days have been a mix of focused bursts of writing and Olympic-level procrastination.

Two, the summer heat wave that hit Los Angeles this past week has inspired more laziness than creativity. The earthquakes have been fun too.

One thing I have been doing is watching plenty of videos. (Sigh, perhaps my next New Year's resolution should be a year-long hiatus from YouTube.) Here's the rundown of my latest obsessions --

My nerdiness has been in high gear thanks to the Mars Curiosity Rover landing. Here's the play by play if you missed the live event --

An MIT friend's husband works on the Curiosity team and the whole family is supporting him by living on Mars Time. Check out the teen son's blog MarsTimr for more on their adventures.

Also obsessed with two music videos - one from Sara Bareilles, directed by Jonah Hill --

And another made by a fierce Asian kid who replicated Beyonce's "Countdown" video SHOT FOR SHOT! Incredible stuff --

And of course, plenty of comedy videos --

Including my favorite "Call Me Maybe" parody video to date --

Yes, I'm a ST:TNGnerd. My favorite part is the Ferengi yelling, "CRAZY!"

And finally, as if we needed it, more proof that Joss Whedon is the coolest creative ever --

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  1. And just when I had finally stopped watching that kid doing the amazing Beyonce video!!

    Imagine I'm in the stands cheering for you when you do your pitch. Go get 'em!