Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Writer's Diet, Day 3 - Woot-Filled Wednesday

Another Hump Day, another green smoothie --

Began the uncomfortable, arduous task of editing my short story today. Read through everything - eek - and made a quick outline of all my plot points as well as a list of problems to fix. So, so many problems to fix.

Bolstered my spirits by snacking on crackers and leftover dips from my last clothing swap - all Trader Joe's again --

Met with my director to get a few signatures on the second round of SAG paperwork. The short film production is coming together beautifully - we locked a fantastic DP and are close to locking the rest of the crew. Woot!

Producing is incredibly satisfying for me because I'm a born multitasker. Plus there's nothing like checking tasks off a list.

Head to a casting office in Santa Monica for my third audition of the week --

And look who I ran into!

That's me with Cris Franco and Larry Cedar, original cast members from Square One TV! Otherwise known as my absolute favorite educational TV show from my teen years.

Square One TV was mix of comedy sketches, animated shorts, music videos, and game show segments that taught basic principles of math. That's right, it was a math show - and I loved it! Funny, clever, and so fantastic.

My two favorite music videos from the show, sung by Larry and Cris, respectively --

I acted with Larry on The Riches some years back and gushed to him about the show then. He was tickled I'd even seen it. When I told Cris I watched the show today, he laughed heartily. Probably not something he hears every day, but I was happy to be his fan girl. Sometimes I love my life.

Wasn't able to get back to work after the audition - got an invitation for sunset happy hour at The Lobster by the Santa Monica Pier that I couldn't turn down --

Indulged in Steamed New Zealand Cockles and Black Mussels --

and Espresso BBQ Pork Belly Sliders - yum!

And of course, a mojito!

Happy Hump Day everyone!

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