Sunday, September 2, 2012

Writing Mission: Impossible

And then there are days like today where nothing works.

After lunch, I had a brilliant idea - spend the rest of the day writing at The Getty! "It will be sunny and beautiful," I reasoned. "I'll lounge in the shade and let the creativity flow." I've tried writing at The Getty on a Friday night before with some success - surely an entire afternoon would be fruitful.

Apparently I wasn't the only one with this idea --

I sat in this endless line of cars waiting to turn into The Getty parking structure until I remembered there was an overflow lot across the street. I drove out of line and headed there, only to be blocked by cones and an angry traffic cop who pointed at me and yelled, "GO!"

An Italian Job-worthy U-turn later, I entered the overflow lot. I was handed a ticket and told to pay at the automated machine before returning to my car. Fine. My creative adventure awaited!

I loaded onto the tram --

And was welcomed at the top of the hill by a beautiful tableau --

First blow to my creative flow - being surrounded by couples. Everywhere - both gay and straight couples, all beautiful and thin, straight from the pages of a fashion magazine, holding hands and taking in the scenery.

Feeling seriously underdressed for my own picnic, I skirted around the fashionistas until I found a shady spot for my blanket --

Second blow - screaming kids everywhere enjoying the nice day too. I did one important piece of writing as I attempted to block out the games of freeze tag and races to the tree next to me. So much for serenity...

Eventually, the families started to clear out and I hunkered down, getting into a groove --

Only to be told by a nasty security guard that The Getty was now closed - I had to leave. 5:30 pm closing time on Sundays - should have checked that before coming!

As I rolled up my blanket, a Korean couple strolled past me. The security guard screamed, "We're closed! Get off the grass!" The couple looked so shocked, they literally ran away. Aren't museum staff supposed to be calm and personable? Sheesh.

I rode the tram back down the hill, paid for my parking at the machine, and walked to my car. As I drove out, I noticed the parking attendant was already gone - I didn't have to pay for my parking at all!

Guess who gave The Getty $15 dollars for no reason today? This chump --

So much for my writing day in the sun.


  1. ha, well it made for a good story…when i first moved to LA i thought i'd go there to read all the time…but rarely do.

    1. I don't know why I didn't anticipate the crowds on a holiday weekend - living on an artist's schedule, I forget about things like that! :S