Thursday, September 13, 2012

From Hipsters to Assassins

You know Christopher Tillman from his many guest blogs. I know him from working at the Disneyland Resort - we're bonded by survival.

We produced an award-winning short film together - Misusing Irony. He wrote and starred in it, I helped make the shoot happen with the help of Craigslist --

He went on to produce another short film - The Distance Between - that just premiered at LA Shorts Fest. I'm listed as an Executive Producer because I was a big Kickstarter donor.

Here's me looking very serious at the premiere --

And now we're reteaming for an epic new project - Early Retirement. Logline: A female assassin who long ago abandoned the idea of a normal life confronts her male counterpart who is still naive enough to think that there can be life after the job.

And guess who gets to play the female assassin?


That's right, I'm playing a hit man...hit woman...hit man woman...

The film will be directed by the kick-ass, award-winning Rajeev Dassani. I knew him as the visual effects king from Knight Rider - he and his company Master Key made this happen every week --

"You're nothing without your car!" No, we were nothing without the Dassani Brothers.

Currently he's directing features and trekking the globe directing second unit for Covert Affairs --

And now he's going to be directing Early Retirement!

The project is still in the early stages - we still need to fundraise, I still need to lose 10 pounds - but you can track all our progress by liking the Early Retirement Facebook page.

And watch for the Kickstarter campaign coming soon!

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