Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Discovering Skylight Books

I have officially completed six short fiction stories!

(Well, I've actually written many more, but these six are the only ones I'm willing to unleash into the wild.)

Next step - submit them to literary journals to get published. There are hundreds of journals in print, so I need to do some research on which ones might be a good fit for my stories.

Upon my Relax & Write teacher's recommendation, I stopped by Skylight Books after brunch to look through their selection of literary journals.

The shop was easy to find among the coolness on Vermont Ave in Los Feliz --

A fantastic independent book store, carefully curated and organized --

With special sections that I'm sure you won't see at Barnes & Noble --

And a beautiful, thriving tree right in the center!

I spent a leisurely hour flipping through all the literary journals they had before getting drawn to their wall of blank journals --

I do all my writing longhand in journals, so I love fancy blank notebooks, especially those made with recycled materials. My theory - the prettier the book, the more inspired the writing!

Fell in love with this one immediately --

I *loved* this store! Like the Skylight Books Twitter description says, it's what a neighborhood book store should be.

If only it were in my neighborhood on the Westside! Ah well, I'll be back.

Continuing my research on literary journals this week - hoping to have all my submissions done by Friday!

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