Thursday, September 20, 2012

Genius Video Distractions

There are video distractions that amuse or entertain. The ones that make you laugh or say, "That's so true!"

Then there are the video distractions I've been watching lately, which are inspiring pieces of pure genius from incredibly creative people that I hope to work with someday.

For example, I can't stop watching this timeless puppetry performance, recorded from The Muppet Show in the 80's, but originally created by Jim Henson when he was 20 years old. Pure genius!

Speaking of The Muppets, here's an incredible collaboration between Ben Folds Five and the characters of Fraggle Rock. Even better than The Muppets invading Weezer's video.

Then there's the latest extravaganza from the multi-talented Todrick Hall that blends a statement for marriage equality with classic Disney fairytales.

And speaking of gays I love, the second season of Husbands has hit the Web. OMG! IDEHTW! Every episode of this Web series from the brilliant Jane Espenson & Brad Bell makes my jaw drop. The writing is sharp, the performances are on point, and the cameos are hi-larious!

Color me inspired - I'm off to write. Zooooom!

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