Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Hump Day Update: Summer's End Edition

Summer is over (boo) and the fall is already in full swing. My week has been wonderfully and stressfully full!

First, because I'm planning to once again donate my hair to Locks of Love, I decided to get a trim to give my hair some shape as it grows for the next year.

What I got was the WORST haircut I've ever gotten in my LIFE. Here's my lovely, thick hair before --

And my poor hair after, post hack job --

My face says it all. First of all, the whole cut took 10 minutes - never a good sign. And you can't really tell from the pic, but my hair is completely uneven - it's a disaster. I should have read the Yelp! reviews before buying the Groupon deal. Ah well, I'll fix it later...

On the upside, I did indulge in some great lunch meetings, including one at Beverly Soon Tofu in Koreatown. Stone plate bibimbap - yum!

Plus several auditions - hooray! A particularly fun one at the Warner Bros. Studios --

In one of the houses along the fake street --

I love auditions on studio lots because I love taking in the details of fake streets like this one. Anytown USA - except for the giant mountain range behind the houses --

And the highlight of my week? Slaving away on my futuristic robot cop drama pilot...then hearing that both Josh Friedman and JJ Abrams sold their futuristic robot cop drama pilots. Sigh...maybe I should keep going. Or maybe I should take these buys as a sign from the universe and move on to something new. I haven't decided yet...

Happy fall everyone!

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