Monday, October 29, 2012

Video Distractions: Super Nerd Alert!

Yes, I'm an artist who went to MIT. And even though I spend most of my days creating words and envisioning characters, I am damn proud of my techy-nerd heritage.

My latest favorite videos reflect my penchant for all things geek --

First, perhaps the most amazing Gangnam Style parody ever - MIT Gangnam Style!

I heart this parody so much! Not only does it show off a campus I love and miss, it's a great showcase of the incredible diversity at MIT - cultural, academic, sports, and more. Plus perfect lip-syncing, Logs a cappella, and Noam Chomsky! MIT PRIDE!

One of the comments said it best - "Only an MIT Gangnam Style video could feature: the MIT Dean of Admissions, one of the principal leaders of the Human Genome Project and co-chair of President Obama's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, the father of modern linguistics, and one of Time's '100 Most Influential People in the World' in 2012 for his liquid metal battery research."

Another fun tidbit from the comments - "Richard Yoon, the star of this video, is an absolute legend. 5.0 GPA, plays on the football team, and I once witnessed him save a kitten from a tree in Killian court."

That's an MIT overachiever, baby!

Next up, a nerdy video referred to me by an MIT alumna --

Did I make one? Of course I did! Still working on getting them perfect - it's my new dinner table trick...

Finally, proof that nerd work is cool --

A little too much woo-ing, but who doesn't love a good Rube Goldberg machine?

Do you have any nerdy videos to share?

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