Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I Love Gays Because I’m Human

My name is Teresa and I’m a straight ally – a heterosexual who is passionate about equality for homosexuals.

And it’s not because I’m a fag hag or because being pro-gay is the hipster thing to do. I advocate for gay rights because I’m a compassionate human being who thinks every argument against LGBTQ equality is the most infuriating bullshit I’ve ever heard.

But wait – perhaps you’re one of these anti-gay people. Perhaps you have an argument or two that you’d like to present to me, just to play devil’s advocate. You want to talk about how the Bible clearly states homosexuality is a sin or explain to me how traditional marriage will be tarnished if gays are allowed to marry. Or maybe you think there’s nothing wrong with the current guidelines for domestic partnerships. Why change what isn’t broken, right?

Bullshit. Go screw yourself.

To me, equality for gays isn’t a religious or political issue – it’s a human issue. Are you a human being or not? Because you and the stinking politicians trying to prevent gay equality can dress up your prejudice with Bible speak and family values rhetoric all you want – it still comes down to the fact that you consider homosexuals to be a class of citizen separate from yourselves. You’re you and they are not like you.

And that, in my humble opinion, is a load of bullshit.

We’re all human beings. We are all more alike than we are different. That’s a truth I learned myself after spending my childhood being teased and criticized for being different. I internalized that “I’m different” treatment and wasted so much time trying to fit in, only to realize that my differences are what make me truly loveable. I deserve love simply because I’m human.

So if you’re hanging on to some pipe dream of life that’s free of these scary gays and their gay agenda, you need to wake up. They’re here, they’re queer, and they just want to be treated like human beings.

If you still disagree with me, I cordially invite you to see Artist At Play’s latest production, Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them. It’s the spectacular West Coast debut of the award-winning play by A. Rey Pamatmat that runs at GTC Burbank through November 10th. Buy tickets here!

Title character Edith (Amielynn Abellera) and her brother Kenny (Rodney To) are kids living on their own, protecting each other while fighting like siblings do, surviving day to day in an uncertain, dangerous world.

And in the midst of the harsh realities of child abandonment and rural isolation, Kenny explores a new relationship with classmate Benji (Brian Hostenske). Yes, a gay relationship. We see their connection develop slowly and organically, thanks to deft, nuanced performances by the actors. Benji goes through the heartbreaking process of coming out to his family and Kenny is right there to hold his hand and tell him he’s going to be okay. Their relationship is so sweet and beautiful, I couldn’t help but think, “What the heck do anti-gay Republicans think they’re protecting the world from?!?!”

Rodney To and Brian Hostenske in
Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them
by A. Rey Pamatmat
Photo by Michael C. Palma
Because at the center of my gay advocacy is this belief – love is love. This play underscores this core value so beautifully. Kenny and Benji’s story isn’t about being G-A-Y, it’s about the thrill of young love, the innocence of sexual discovery, and the joy of finding someone who lets you be who you are. The same themes you’ll find in Romeo & Juliet or Disney’s Beauty & the Beast. Love is love.

So if you’re one of these people I mentioned at the top of this article who feel like you have a legitimate reason to oppose gay marriage or any number of gay equality issues, I challenge you to see Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them and not be transformed. That’s how good this play is. You can crinkle your nose when the two boys kiss all you want, but by the end you’ll see that there is nothing to fear, there is only love to be celebrated.

And if you don’t feel that, then I’m sorry – you’re not a human being.


  1. Thank you so much for writing this, Teresa. The world needs more people who understand that it isn't about "us gays" stealing or ruining something that is yours, it's about equality. We've tried equal but separate before and it does not work, nor is it truly equal.

    1. You're so welcome Carl! Such a good point about separate but equal not working - I think that's something the non-human people tell themselves to make them feel more human. Here's to true equality for all! :)