Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Five More Things I’m Shocked Actors Still Do

As if the first five shocking things actors do weren't bad enough, I've seen actors doing this nonsense lately --
  1. Lying on Their Acting Resume - Sorry honey, but you were not a Supporting Actor in The Avengers,You were a background extra running down the street. And unless you were the guy playing Galaga on the SHIELD ship, you weren't Featured either. Resume lies always catch up with you - don't do it!

  2. Not Having their Acting Resume Link on Facebook - This is a repeat because I know so many actors who still haven't done it. Are you trying to not get hired for a job? Producers like me will only hunt for your info for so long before moving on to another actor. Get that resume link on your Facebook/Twitter profile now!

  3. Having Headshots that Don't Look Like You - Who do you think you're kidding? If your picture is from 15 years ago, they're going to notice as soon as you walk in the door. You're doing yourself the opposite of a favor. It's better to have a simple snapshot of yourself today than a glamour shot of you from the past.

  4. Not Having Resumes in their Car - Wanna know who's not creating opportunities for themselves? These people. You never know when you're going to be called in for an audition or meet someone who wants your resume. Keep at least 5 in a folder in your trunk - easy peasy!

  5. Not Knowing Television Shows - I don't watch The Mentalist regularly, but as a working actor auditioning for TV roles, I know everything I need to know about it. I know the premise, I know the main cast, I know it's on CBS, I know it shoots here in Los Angeles - and I've seen at least one episode so I know the tone. Can you say that about every show on TV? Because I can - and you should too! Saying you don't know TV is not something to be proud of - do your research!


  1. So right on about submitting a 'recent' headshot. If you don't, you're not only wasting your time, but everyone else's time in the audition room who is expecting someone else to walk through the door.

    1. Thanks for the corroborating evidence! I literally saw someone with a 20 year old headshot the other day. Strange...