Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Five Things I’m Shocked Actors Still Do

Whenever I see an actor doing one of the following, I instantly know – they’re clueless about their career.

Are you still doing one of these things? Cut it out!
  1. Not Having Your Headshot Ready at an Audition. I’ve seen it so many times – an actor pulling out their headshot and a separate resume and asking the waiting room, “Does anyone have a stapler?” Imagine sitting in a restaurant where the chef wanders up and asks, “Does anyone have any salt?” I’ve even seen actors ask casting associates for scissors so they can trim their resume to fit their picture, or even worse, actors who just let the excess hang out.

    Your headshot and resume are a representation of your professionalism. Have them ready to go before you walk in the door!

  2. Auditioning in Costume. I’m talking head-to-toe rented cop uniform with a fake badge, clown costume with the rainbow wig, or surgical outfit with booties over their shoes. It’s overkill and it makes you look crazy.

    Be creative and wear things that hint at the role you’re auditioning for. I always wear a v-neck pink t-shirt when I audition for nurses. I know guys who wear the same tight black t-shirt when they audition for cops. The casting directors have imagination – they’ll get it.

  3. Not Having a Demo Reel. You don’t need a montage or twenty different contrasting clips. If all you have is one solid scene, that’s fine. Casting directors want demo reels to show how you look on camera – are you natural, can you be authentic, do you connect with your fellow actors? Plus having a demo reel puts you at the top of the submission pile on Actors Access, so it’s a must. If you don’t have anything, shoot it yourself! You can do it on your iPhone in a day. No excuses.

  4. Refusing to Work for Free. I get it, we all have bills to pay. But working on student films and indie projects is like getting free on-the-job training. It’s impossible not to learn something from every project if your attitude is right. Experience is experience, and today’s no budget student filmmakers are tomorrow’s highly paid filmmakers. It’s a better use of your time than surfing College Humor.

  5. Not Having your Acting Resume Link on Facebook. What’s the point of having an online acting resume if no one can find it?! Every actor should have ALL of their resume URLs and IMDB page listed under Contact Information. And make sure Everyone can see it – not just Friends. Bonus points to those who put the link on the Twitter profile too.

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