Monday, January 23, 2012

Money Monday: DIY Receipt File

Last week, I mentioned that I’m meticulous in saving and organizing my acting & writing-related receipts for tax purposes. Forgot to mention that I’m also eco-conscious about it!

Here’s my step-by-step guide to how to make an upcycled receipt file:

1. Start with eight (8) reply envelopes saved from junk mail.

2.Lick and tuck the flap inside each envelope, making eight open pockets.

3.Take four (4) envelopes and line up the openings on the right side, staggering them evenly. Secure the stack with two staples as shown below. Repeat with the other four envelopes.

4.Write the categories on each envelope as shown below.

5. And you're done! I keep my receipt files along with any full page receipts in a large, clear plastic envelope.

Ta-da! Tidy and ready for tax time next year!

Next week on Money Monday, I'll go over allowable and non-allowable tax deductions for actors...

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