Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Fifth Finish Line

It’s true what they say – having written feels so much better than writing.

After turning in the latest revision of my pilot yesterday, I spent a glorious day off running errands – oil change, post office, Costco run – all enjoyed with delicious ease and peace of mind as I reflected on my latest accomplishment – having written my fifth pilot script since starting my solo writing career. Five agonizing periods of beating out story, reworking characters, and rewriting, rewriting, rewriting that felt like hell while doing it but feel amazing now.

So many times I almost gave up – contemplated giving in to my left-brain, staying in Internet marketing, generally listening to my inner critic. But I didn’t give up. Writing can be difficult, uncomfortable work and even though I procrastinated plenty, I pushed through plenty of awful days and nights too.

And I’m so glad I did, because now I can say I have written five television pilots. And that feels pretty damned good.

(Of course, another writer I know told me he wrote nine TV scripts last year! Let’s see if I can even get close to that this year...)

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