Friday, January 27, 2012

And My SAG Award Vote Goes To...

I almost forgot to vote for the SAG Awards. They used to send multi-page, hard-to-miss ballots in the mail, but now all I get to remind me of the deadline is this postcard.

And while I truly appreciate the eco-consciousness, it easily got lost in the shuffle of my desk. Thank goodness my SAG friends were tweeting about it this morning. The deadline was today at noon – I made it just under the wire!

I saw most of the nominated film performances thanks to screenings and screeners, but not having HBO or Showtime meant I was flying blind for most of the TV categories.

No matter – I felt more than confident in voting for my favorite cast ensembles. For film, my nod went to the cast of The Help.

Delicious performances that brought to life one of my favorite novels. Hilarious, heartbreaking, and authentic – and what a joy to see a female-dominant cast dominate at the box office! Plus any cast that includes Allison Janney is a winner to me.

For television, my favorite cast vote went to The Good Wife. I devour this show every week to see these skilled actors execute incredibly well-written material with style and sex appeal. Each episode is a study in power plays and subtext – I learn something as an actor every time I watch it.

But of course, voting for the SAG Awards is completely subjective because everyone’s voting for different reasons – popularity being a primary one, whether anyone wants to admit it. For example, I will be shocked if Betty White doesn’t win at least one of the awards she’s nominated for because people just love her. (I voted for Julie Bowen – sorry, Betty.)

Tune in to see who wins this Sunday night at 8pm ET/5 pm PT on TNT and TBS!

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