Monday, August 23, 2010

Tools of the Trade: Online Resume Links

So you say you’re an actor? You want to work in TV and film? Then take this key piece of advice to heart:

Make sure people can find your acting resume online!

A few weeks ago, I was looking for an actor for my short film project. Not a problem, I thought. I know plenty of actors. Just had to check their union status first. So I logged onto Facebook, perusing the profiles of my actor friends, looking for links to their online acting resumes.

And I could barely find any! Their profiles detailed what TV shows they watched, their birthdays and siblings, and all the animals in their fake farm. But rarely did I find a link to their acting resume in the Links section. Rather than send a message and wait for a response, I simply moved on to the next person.

So this is for my actor friends and anyone else out there. Help me help you! After you create your resume on Actors Access or LA Casting, broadcast the link to it any way you can. Put it on your Facebook profile, YouTube channel, blog, email signature – anywhere and everywhere! If you don’t, who knows how many jobs you’re missing out on.

Start broadcasting!


  1. Oh, good. I do have my resume from LA Casting on my facebook info page. I even thought about taking it off, because none of my actor friends had theirs. Good to know I'm on the right track!

    ~Cecie McClelland (facebook)

  2. You're absolutely on the right track, Cecie! Good for you! :) Feel free to post your link here so my millions of followers can see it too. ;)

  3. But if you are like me and prefer that your FB profile be more personal than professional, you can link to your website as well! I keep links up where people can look up my professional work but I keep my FB mostly a fun, social place where I only intermittently self promote:)