Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sometimes the Dress Doesn't Impress

Never wear anything to a theatrical audition that you might also use in a Halloween costume. Why?
1) It’s like telling the casting director they have no imagination.

2) You look like an amateur.
Two stories to prove my point:

Story #1
The scene at a recent workshop with the casting director from a top network medical show:

Actor 1
Do you have any do’s or don’ts at your office?

Casting Director
Yes. Pay attention to the signs in the hallway,
don’t wear medical clothes to your audition,
and always be prepared.

Actor 2
(not catching on)
Um, what did you mean when you said
‘Don’t wear medical clothes to your audition?’

Casting Director
(you moron)
I meant don’t wear medical clothes to your audition.
Don’t wear scrubs, don’t wear a lab coat –
don’t wear medical clothes to your audition!
Got it.

Story #2
While at a WGA panel about pitching for television, several showrunners were discussing the merits of using visual aids during a pitch. One showrunner admitted he utilized a visual aid once while pitching a family show to help keep all the characters straight, but otherwise it wasn’t recommended.

Another showrunner of a hit TV show added, “Because it’s weird, right? It’s like when an actor walks into an audition wearing a lab coat and we all go, ‘This guy’s cra-zy!’ “ To which all the other showrunners laughed and nodded in agreement. Burn.

Bottom line, we’re actors. All we need is our voice, mind, and body. Costumes and props detract from our work as well as insult and annoy casting directors.

So leave the accoutrement on the stage or in commercial auditions. Just act.

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