Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Quitting is the Specialty of Jerks. Don't Give In.

After countless hours of work, a personal life on hold, and a cancelled trip to Europe, I completed and delivered my latest pilot script to my agent. This morning, he told me he didn’t love it. The characters weren’t memorable enough and the premise was difficult to buy into. Bottom line – I’m missing another staffing season.

So here I am, back at square one. Am I disappointed? A little. I knew the script wasn’t a glowing beacon of my creative expression, but considering the time crunch, I did what I could with the hopes it would all be okay in the end. And it wasn’t.

Am I giving up? Hell, no!

I’m an artist. I’m learning my craft. The journey continues. Because I know I’ll do better next time. Because every script I write means more hours under my belt toward my 10,000 hour goal. Because I’m in a marathon, not a sprint. Because I’m not bullshitting the network diversity programs in my personal statements when I say that I live and breathe television and that I want to learn to express myself in that world. Because the only person who can really tell me to stop is me - and I’m not ready to stop.

So onward I press. Toward new ideas, new characters, new worlds, new dialogue…new expressions of me. I thank my agent for his kind words of encouragement. I thank this latest script for getting me to where I am now. I thank my spirit for the divine creativity that has yet to manifest in script form. I thank you for reading this blog and keeping it going. I am grateful for so many things, most of all the inability to stop writing.

Here I go again...

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