Thursday, June 3, 2010

Six Word Story? Interesting. The End.

Devoted a brief 30 minutes this morning to writing entries for a Six Word Story contest. Sounds easy enough, right? Found it to be a delightful exercise in creativity and economy. Could have spent all day, but demands called. For your rapid reading enjoyment, here are a few. Can you guess which two I submitted for the contest?

Married. Conformed. Battled. Divorced. Realized. Grieved.

Friendship destroyed. Mission accomplished. Now what?

Sheldon adores me. Besotted. Broken heart.

Optimistic graduation speech. Shameful exit interview.

Jenny hated LA. Blamed me. Debacle.

Maura’s pregnant. Jim acquiesces. Charade begins.

She hated complications. Until Jason. Destiny.

Graduated. Hired. Fired. Wallowed. Awakened. Continued.

Blind marriage. Harsh reality. Justified murder.

Courtship. Marriage. Infidelity. Divorce. Revenge. Jail.


  1. Did you ever see the one I wrote?

    Poisoning his dinner solved many problems.

  2. Ha - fantastic! It wasn't until I'd sent my entries and posted my blog that I realized that the six word story contest was a thing in the literary world. I just thought it was the unique creation of UCLA Extension. :) Now I'm going to be looking for many more contests to enter!

  3. I'm opting for the last two because they succinctly and beautifully express the reality modern relationships.

  4. I didn't, but now that I look at them, I wish I had! :( Ah well, I was determined not to spend too much time on it, so I can't worry about it. On to the next challenge! :)