Friday, October 19, 2012

Thursday Discovery Day

Yesterday was about writing, today was about discovery!

At an audition this morning, I discovered this little guy in the waiting room --

Talk about random!

It was a friendly waiting room filled with ethnic women, so I felt right at home. I chatted with one actress who told me about her one-woman show turned foundation for empowering women against sexual assault. What an incredible discovery!

On the way home, I finally stopped by Reel Cycle, a shop filled with clothes, shoes, accessories, & furniture used in television and film.

I discovered a pair of designer black suede heels that were practically brand new for only $20! Then I walked back to my car and discovered this on the windshield --

So basically the shoes cost me $83. Discount fail...

My first wave of editors is reading my series proposal for notes - hopefully will be able to start putting beats on the board this weekend!

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