Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Journey with The Red Shirt

My friend Christopher is excessively creative. His latest project - Journey of Red Shirt.

He's taking this red shirt --

And sending it around the world. Here's how it works --

Genius, right? He gave me the privilege of kicking off the whole thing, so I wanted to do it right. I decided to wear the red shirt on my busy, busy Sunday.

The shirt was a little big for me, so I decided to dress it up --

Sorta works, right?

First stop - Sunday brunch with MIT ladies at the super elegant and super yummy Bottega Louie. Their beignets were like heaven - warm and fluffy. Portabello mushroom fries - SO good. My Lobster Breakfast Hash was gorgeous but just okay --

Bakery at the front was stunning --

A fantastic morning of nerd girl bonding - love MIT women!

Then head to Visual Communications in Little Tokyo for a directing workshop with the great Henry Chan --

Henry used the same scene from Hannah and Her Sisters that he used at the directing/acting workshop I did at the DGA last year, bringing back fantastic memories.

It was wonderfully educational seeing the process from the other side. Henry is a fantastic teacher and an all-around awesome guy. Can't wait to work with him!

Final stop for the day - Atwater Village for the inaugural Work in Progress reading. I shared a piece of my latest sci-fi tale to a packed house --

And that was the red shirt's journey with me! Where will it go next? Follow the red shirt at @JourneyRedShirt.


  1. You made that red t-shirt look so fabulous and stylish! What an awesome and fun idea. I want to wear the red t-shirt.

    1. Currie!! :) Email me your address and I'll send it to you! You'd be the perfect next person to get it...