Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Student Film Shenanigans

Last week, in the midst of my pre-production hell for the FOX project (that eventually got cancelled), I acted in a USC graduate short film.

Because as I've said before, I'm still open to working for free if I can get something out of it - experience, contacts, and/or fun. This project offered all three.

A quick photolog of my experience so far --

This was my third acting job in a year shot at a defunct newspaper office in Los Angeles. Sad, sad wastelands of desks and office chairs:

The production designers dressed up the set quite well, including giving me a green screen - literally.

The background extras near my desk were hilariously entertaining - creating a whole separate storyline amongst themselves. There were several torrid love affairs and a murder plot going on. It's easy to have fun when those around you are having fun.

For a student production, these guys had a ton of equipment - including a $30K camera package from Panavision that was won in a competition.

I had one big scene with the lead actor Jonathan Runyon, seen below as the director watches closely on the monitor --

At one point the director took over the camera himself for my coverage. This is what was staring me in the face for my closeup --

Going back for my third and final day sometime this week. The best part? I'll be working with Roger Bart, who I met at the stage door of Pasadena Playhouse just last month. I told him I looked forward to working with him someday, and now that day is almost here! Isn't life wonderful sometimes?

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