Sunday, March 25, 2012

WonderCon 2012: Nerd Retail Heaven

Ah, the retail paradise for fans that is WonderCon! (Or any sci-fi comic book convention, for that matter.)

After a year of not buying anything, I was looking forward to letting my wallet roam free and capture some geeky gems. There was really something for everyone at WonderCon.

Firefly fans like me could find everything from quirky, funny buttons like these from QMx --

To a detailed model of Serenity herself, also from QMx.

There was stuff for fans who like their tchotchke straight out of the show --

And stuff for fans who like their tchotchke with a little bit of humor --

And stuff for baby fans!

I saw plenty of stuff that made me smile, like this t-shirt that reminded me of playing video games with my brother --

But in the end, here's what I came away with --

A gorgeous print from super talented artist Nidhi Chanani. Her art is beautiful and sweet, often featuring multi-ethnic couples and animal prints worthy of any baby nursery. I chose this print because it reminded me of writing with my own notebooks --

Found more smushiness in Jeff Thomas' characters Pon & Zi - two monster-like characters who actually share a deeply romantic connection. One of my favorite prints --

Though in the end I opted for this bookmark, which just made me laugh --

This button was a must-have from Just Jenn Designs - Nerd Love!

Another fabulous piece of original art, this time from Katie McDee, who it turns out I met at a wedding shower years ago! Love this Harry Potter --

Also picked up two books from Brandon Easton, my fellow Pitching Diversity panelist --

The second book was co-written by Anthony Montgomery, also known as Ensign Travis Mayweather from Star Trek: Enterprise. The logline was the best --

Finally, a few booths with charity connections caught my attention. Picked up this book for a $5 donation to Autism Speaks --

And participated in the Chopstick Pull at the California Browncoats table with proceeds going to The Trevor Project --

I didn't win the prize, but I walked away with a new pair of chopsticks! Score!

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