Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I Hate Being Late

And yet I am late. More often than I'd like to admit. More often than any human being should be. I'm late to lunch dates, to clothing swaps, to networking events - I'm late all the time.

This week, I was 15 minutes late to an audition. The WORST.

This role was mine to lose. MINE. Smart, young Asian medical examiner - I should be able to do that in my sleep, right?

Wrong. After rushing in late, I flubbed the lines, tripping over my words, looking down at my sides more than once. It was only four lines - I should have known them cold. I should have taken another minute to settle myself down and prepare before going into the room.

But I didn't. And I blew it.

And yes, I know I'm my own worst critic, but I also know I could have done better. If I'd been on time.

I should have known better than to be late. The easiest thing any actor can do to ensure a successful audition is show up early. Take time to get settled and get focused. I tell actors this all the time.

But whatever reason that has yet to be uncovered by a therapist, I just can't seem to walk my damned talk. And I hate myself for it. I hate the look on my friends' faces when I rush in to meet them. I hate missing the previews. I hate creating stress.

There is no excuse for being late to an audition. Absolutely none.

This particular audition was 23 miles away from my house. Google Maps estimated the trip would take 30 minutes. I left an hour early. It ended up taking me an hour and a half. So I was late.

But that's no excuse - traffic in Los Angeles is always awful. I should be leaving two hours early for everything. But I don't. Because I suck.

Sigh...there's that saying -

Early is on time.
On time is late.
Late is unacceptable.

It's good advice. Don't be like me, kids. Don't be late.

(Yup, self-flagellation is still in high gear...)


  1. T, Okay you were late. Bad T. OK. It's over. Stop the self whipping! It won't happen again because you learned a lesson. Life is a jumble of lessons. You experienced one. You're awesome because you learned one of life's lessons! Now stop the whipping and begin the self loving because YOU ARE AWESOME!

  2. I give up on being on time so instead I instruct everyone giving me a deadline to push it up by an hour. Thereby being late to the fake deadline and being early to the real deadline. I'm a real Einstein in know.

    Now where is the blog on losing things? Say for example your keys in the morning just before you are late to the real start time?

  3. i HATE being late too. today i made the mistake of thinking my audition was on santa monica instead of IN santa monica. i was 5 minutes early, which is late to me (i'm usually 15-20 min. which gives me time to park, visit the room, and prep) but turns out - they had me wait TWO HOURS.