Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Week is Cray Cray!

WonderCon 2012 was...wonderful. Delightfully nerdy, much more manageable than Comic-Con, and wildly enjoyable. I came home on Sunday night exhausted and exhilarated, but ready to write many, many blog posts about my experience.

And then Monday happened.

Or I should say, Monday brought the reality that I have five days of pre-production before shooting my winning video project for the CAPE / FOX Digital Marketing Initiative. Five days! That's it! Crap!

So now I'm in the throes of pre-production, hunting for locations, searching for crew, and generally stressing about a million and one details that need to be locked down by Saturday morning.

Plus I'm acting in a USC graduate student film for two days this week, so that's even less time to focus on my shoot. Argh! When it rains, it pours!

Until I catch my breath, here's the WonderCon overview:

The Pitching Diversity panel went beautifully -

I saw some hilarious geekiness -

And saw the best baby stroller ever -

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