Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday Video Distractions

I have a LONG to-do list this weekend - taxes, pilot pitches, Parenthood spec, and revisions to a Web series outline for an ad agency - plus a few blog posts, if I can stay awake.

So what did I do this morning? I watched these videos on YouTube - all inspirational in their own way - yeah, that's it...

First, a fantastic backseat cover from the incredibly talented Clara C --

I love watching this trailer for Australian TV series Summer Heights High and taking in Chris Lilley's ridiculous talent. Need to get this on DVD!

I don't watch Adventure Time on Cartoon Network, but Christopher swears it's brilliant. He introduced me to the character of Lumpy Space Princess, voiced by the show's Creator & Executive Producer Pendleton Ward.

This compilation of LSP quotes is comprehensive and totally random. My favorite - "Aw no. I am not getting eaten by zombies tonight. Get the lump outta here!"

Of course, this is the best compilation of quotes ever --

Finally, I discovered this wonderful short film from Cherry Sky Films. A simple premise and basic production values, yet completely genuine and authentic performances that make the story sing.

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