Monday, March 12, 2012

My Toshiko Photos

I've been saying for a while that I need new acting headshots. Yesterday, I went out and got some.

The photographer - Diana Toshiko of Toshiko Photo - Uncommon Headshots for Uncommon People. Exactly what I needed.

I've known Diana for years as an actress, most notably from her sketch comedy work with OPM Comedy. She's free and funny, fiercely positive, and an all-around awesome gal. Here she is in one of my favorite OPM sketches -

I started the morning stressed and freaking out - running late on less sleep than I would have liked because of the stupid time change. When I finally walked into her place, I was filled with anxiety. "Don't worry, we're gonna get it," she assured me with a confident smile.

I brought all the spoils of my recent shopping trip as well as half my closet for her to go through. She quickly flipped through everything, finding the perfect clothes for my four looks. The NO pile grew quickly:

As the YES pile took shape:

I also brought almost all my jewelry. A few selections were made:

Makeup artist Grace Chun was fantastic! Skilled, supportive, and laid back - I had no worries I would get dragon lady eyes under her watch. She collaborated beautifully with Diana to create my looks and was always standing by for a touch up:

Or two:

After some initial nervousness, I finally relaxed let my looks take shape. Diana was amazing! She gave me perfect directions to bring out my characters while continually assuring me the camera was capturing my essence. This is me channeling my inner snarkiness:

We ended the day by shooting my carefree/fun look while LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know It" streamed out of Grace's iPhone. There was definitely dancing. So awesome.

Huge thanks to Diana and Grace for a wonderful day. Four brand new headshot looks - coming soon!


  1. NICE! I wanna see the finished results!

  2. Fantastic! Can't wait to see your new headshots :)