Monday, March 26, 2012

Money Monday: Vehicle Value

As an actor, your most valuable tool is not your voice. Or your looks. It’s not your ability to break down a script or the list of foreign accents you can pull off.

Your most valuable tool is your car.

Because if you can’t get to the audition or the fitting or the job, you’re not an actor.

Especially in a town like Los Angeles, which is made for cars and not for pedestrians. Public transportation exists, but it’s not a feasible alternative for actors who need to be anywhere at a moment's notice.

So it pays to be smart about your car. Increasing your attention to your car will help decrease your maintenance costs and hassles.

Here are a few tips for taking care of your car life so that your actor life can work:

Don’t Ignore Those Weird Sounds – Investigate immediately! That awful squeaking sound you’re hearing when you turn the corners could mean it’s time for new brake pads. Stop by your local tire place ASAP or you could be shelling out much more on new brakes and rotors.

Get Your Oil Changes on Time – You do not need a new pair of UGGs. Your car does need an oil change on a regular basis or you’re screwing your engine. Check your owner’s manual to find the recommended number of miles for your car between oil changes. Don’t go by EZ Lube’s 3,000 miles assumption – for many cars, you can wait 5,000 miles between changes.

Become an Eco Driver – Slow down on the highway, idle less, and empty that trunk. Follow those and other best practices laid out by sites like Eco Driver and you’ll definitely increase your car’s mpg, which means fewer trips to the gas station. And with today’s prices, you’ll be glad you did.

What is your favorite car maintenance tip?


  1. My father in law always says 'metal is not flesh'. Flesh will heal itself eventually, metal never will. If something is wrong with your car it will never get better unattended to, it will only get worse.