Monday, November 14, 2011

All Aboard the Social Media Bandwagon

I’m a social media idiot. And I don’t mean idiot in the hipster sense.

I mean I’m an idiot because I know that social media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, et al) is the way people communicate about everything nowadays, I know it’s shattering old paradigms of access and distribution of content, and I know it’s important for branding myself as an artist.

And yet I’m still not using it as thoroughly and consistently as I could to engage the world and make a name for myself.

The excuses abound. Time, for one – I am writing a pilot on a deadline, after all. Lack of vision about my brand potential is another excuse. I fight definition in many areas of my life, even though I embrace it in others.

What I need is a good kick in the pants to get off my butt and just start doing it.

Pants, meet Ronnie Butler.

I’ve blogged about Ronnie before – we met shooting Ugly Betty and have been friends ever since. I appeared in the chorus of his Modern US President video and just spent two days shooting his newest video, coming soon to a screen near you.

Tonight I attended a seminar he gave on using social media to maximize your visibility and propel your career forward. And boy did he make a good case.

He showed us this:

Then presented about a million examples of individuals who used YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter to make six figure salaries, get signed by CAA, or get starring roles in TV and film. Six figures? Damn. Let’s do this.

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Ronnie and casting director Caroline Liem are giving an all-day workshop this Saturday called Social Media for Creatives - “Define your uniqueness, Take action, Create content, and Maximize exposure doing what you love.”

It’s only $99. If you’re an artist, you MUST go!

As for me, I’m vowing to engage the Twittersphere more often and start devising a YouTube channel strategy. What kind of videos would you like to see me create? (Keep it clean, people...)

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