Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Saving My Cyborg Attachment

Though I’ve never been one to give human names to inanimate objects, such as my car or mobile phone, I have been known to harbor strong feelings for my technological companions.

Take my laptop, for instance. My Dell Latitude D630. This girl has been with me through thick and thin – from the Knight Rider writer’s room to Honolulu, Hawaii and back. She’s trustworthy, sturdy, and reliable. I love her.

But lately she’s been running a little slow at times and overheating more than usual. I bought her in 2008 – she’s on her second battery and has certainly lived a valiant life, but I know she has more to give.

So tomorrow, she’s undergoing a little surgery. Nothing too complex – just a thorough internal cleaning with the help of some eHow directions and the tools below. I’m sure there are more potato chip crumbs inside than I’d like to admit.

Please send her thoughts of health and wholeness – it’s not her time yet!

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