Saturday, November 5, 2011

Movin’ Right Along, Doog-a-Doon, Doog-a-Doon

CBS approved my 2-page pilot story area yesterday, so I’m moving on to writing my 12-page pilot outline! Hooray! I’ve already written an outline, of course, but now it’s time to turn it from a steaming pile of poo into something readable.

My executive producer and I are hoping to have a solid draft of the script done by Thanksgiving, which only leaves me a few weeks to deliver a stellar outline, go through the notes process on the outline, get approved to go to script, and actually write the script.

And that’s crunch time.

Sometimes I feel like my entire career as a solo writer has been spent in crunch time. I’ve always been pushing to get something done as soon as possible and battling fears that I’m behind the ball. Writing is a daily challenge in and of itself, but I’ve learned that managing my panic when approaching a deadline is a daily challenge as well.

When I’m in a heightened panic state, I’ll beat myself up for anything I do that’s not writing. Those minutes I spent doing my laundry or getting my oil changed? Horrible. "I should have done that later! Why am I wasting time eating and sleeping? I should be writing! Aaaagh!"

I have to remember that what I’m striving for is a balance – between writing and functioning as a human being. And much like my action plan theory for actors, staying on track as a writer means pacing myself – breaking down my list of notes and addressing them one at a time. Slow and steady wins the race. Staring at the long track ahead and freaking out isn’t going to do me any good.

So I take a deep breath and move into crunch time, knowing that I can do it. Bird by bird,as Anne Lamott says. Bird by bird.


  1. I know you're having an awesome time though. Enjoy. There's nothing like your first time :)

  2. Awesome. Love the delicious details of the journey. Inspiring.


    good luck babe!

  4. crunch time...this is where years of crunching at MIT kicks into full throttle! Go Teresa!!!!!!! You got this :)

  5. Thanks for the support, all! And yes, Julian - the MIT tradition of tooling comes in handy! :)