Thursday, November 24, 2011

Celebrating Thanksgiving with Television

Happy Thanksgiving!

It may be a ridiculous holiday of excess, but it's the subject of some memorable television. Here are my favorites:

Mad About You - "Giblets for Murray"

I remember my parents trying to tell me about this episode and laughing so hard they could barely get through the description. My favorite part is when she throws the turkey out the window.

Friends - "The One Where Ross Got High"

Friends had terrific Thanksgiving episodes. My favorite was the one where Rachel made the english trifle out of beef, leading to one of my favorite moments:

And my favorite blooper:

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

And of course, the best piece of Thanksgiving television ever! Peanuts hijinks set to sweet, sweet jazz. Favorite scene - when Peppermint Patty lets Charlie Brown have it for screwing up Thanksgiving dinner. That's love.

What are your favorite Thanksgiving-themed television episodes?


  1. so weird - i can't think of any!!! i'm sure there must be a "growing pains" or "family ties" or "cosby" one i loved growing up, but nothing is coming to mind….

    happy thanksgiving teresa!!!

  2. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving too, Lynn!

    I forgot about The Cosby Show! The bit I remember best was Cliff going out into the storm to get last minute ingredients - we did this to my dad all the time!