Saturday, November 12, 2011

Living the Swanky Life

I'm enjoying two straight days of getting fancy to stay up all night and hang out, schmooze, and take pictures with friends. I feel like a social butterfly! (Instead of my usual jeans and toe socks on the couch with my laptop butterfly.)

Last night was the wedding of two dear friends and former castmates from the hereandnow theatre company. It was a fabulous evening in Pasadena, highlighted by the dancing of La Marcha (a Southwest wedding tradition), tunes spun by DJ Shy, and sexy handsome members of the Air Force Honor Guard.

I had a great time, though this will teach me to check the pics in my digital camera before I leave the event:

My only picture with the happy couple! Boo...

Tonight I'll be heading to the annual CAPE Gala at Union Station. Last year's event was swanky to the max and this year's event will surely be no different. Look for my tweets!

Back to your regularly scheduled stressing on Sunday...

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