Tuesday, November 15, 2011

All the News That's Fit to Tweet

A question posed by Ronnie Butler in last night’s social media workshop – "How do you get your news?"

A thought-provoking question, sir!

As a child, I’d watch NBC Nightly News with my parents or read the local newspaper. In college, The Tech was my source for everything going on in the world.

Now I get my news from two main sources. For general news headlines and happenings, I listen to news radio in the car – succinct, to the point, and traffic every 10 minutes. I love it – I live in LA, so I’m always in my car. The radio switches to NPR after I’ve gotten the gist of the day. Morning Edition, anybody?

Everything else I get from Twitter, either by looking at Trending Topics or from the news feeds I follow. Here are my faves:


Yes, they’re all TV entertainment news feeds. That’s the beauty of Twitter – I can find just what I want to read instead of sorting through a mountain of news. If your passion is basket weaving at high altitudes, there’s probably a news feed just for you.

What news feeds do you follow on Twitter?


  1. I follow @TheOnion, in particular because I appreciate that they cover a lot of stories that don't get coverage by the major news media.

  2. Ah, the Onion. Genius, I tell you!