Monday, October 10, 2011

To Valet, Or Not to Valet?

A big thanks to everyone for your well wishes and cheers! I look forward to taking you all on this journey with me.

Today I met with the first of several entertainment lawyers, hoping to find the perfect legal partner to walk me through the deal-making process. His building was fancy and valet-only. The parking area was swanky and probably created by a prize-winning interior designer.

I always feel a little self-conscious when a sharply dressed, vest-wearing man steps forward to park my dented old Honda Civic, but I get over it. I’m a pragmatist – my trusty car meets all my needs – I leave the glamour cars to the rest of the world. For now.

After a great meeting, I headed over to my favorite place to write – The Writer’s Junction in Santa Monica. It’s a cozy & creative shared workspace for writers that helps me stay focused on my work.

To say The Writer’s Junction has been one of the keys to my success would be an understatement. Without it, I would never get any work done. There’s something about being around other working writers diligently typing into their laptops that keeps you on task instead of surfing Facebook. It’s the same theory I employed by studying at the libraries at MIT instead of in my room. Collective pressure works.

If you’re a writer in the LA area, definitely check it out. Tell them I referred you and you can come by for a free one-day trial!

Tomorrow will be a big day – another nurse role on Grey’s Anatomy, a DGA event featuring the incredible Ang Lee, and the launch party for Mixed Blooms, a Web comedy I recently starred in. Check out our trailer below!


  1. Who is the Hot Guy with the pecs?

  2. you're blooming, baby! see ya tonight at the DGA!!!