Monday, October 17, 2011

It's the Day of the Screening, Y'all

At last, the day we’ve been waiting for – Misusing Irony’s screening at the Bel Air Film Festival!

After days of seeing other people’s films – some good, some BAD – it was time to show the festival Christopher’s masterpiece. We were on the schedule with another short called Boys in the Hood and an Australian feature film called The Wedding Party.

Misusing Irony opened the lineup. From the metallic gold couch in the back where Christopher and I were sitting, the audience sounded like they enjoyed the film. Solid laughs throughout, including one for Christopher’s favorite line – “You know that guy?”

Here’s a clip for those who haven’t seen the film –

Next up was Boys in the Hood, a hi-larious comedy about a teenage boy who joins the KKK, then meets a beautiful Indian girl on the same day. Writer/director Anthony Falleroni didn’t shy away from exploring and skewering racism in this satirical love story, which elevated the film to the point of genius. Case in point – a cake to celebrate the main character’s new KKK status with the words “Jim is O-KKK!” written in red icing. Too funny!

The feature film The Wedding Party was also fantastic. An ensemble family drama with full characters, robust conflict, and a simple premise that held beautifully complex layers. Funny, heartbreaking, and sweet. So glad I was able to see it here in the US. And I just can’t get the song from the trailer out of my head!

Catch Misusing Irony at the Ojai Film Festival this coming weekend!

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