Thursday, October 13, 2011

Swanky on the Outside, Painful on the Inside

The best part of not having a day job? Being able to sleep in after a long day like yesterday. I must have stayed in bed until noon. Writing, of course, but still in bed. Heaven.

After another pass at my pilot story arena and a little more sleeping, I got dolled up for the Bel-Air Film Festival opening night red carpet gala at the Skirball Center. Misusing Irony, the short film I produced, will be screening at the festival on Sunday and I want to take advantage of my fancy All Access pass. (Well, it’s cardboard, but it still looks fancy.)

Christopher (the film’s writer and main actor) and I checked in and strolled right onto the red carpet with DJ Shy, who made a cameo appearance in our film. Not my first red carpet, so hopefully these pictures will look okay. I’ll post as soon as I can find them.

Christopher went on to do five or six interviews with the various media outlets covering the event. He was born to do interviews – I could tell the reporters were excited to talk to someone with personality, which he has in scores!

More red carpet photos and then into the main theater for the opening night film, My Father’s Will starring Victor Alfieri and Ione Skye.

Wow. One of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. A romantic comedy that was neither romantic nor comedic. A weak premise, zero chemistry between the leads, bad dialogue, and a story that went nowhere fast. Victor & Ione deserved better than this aimless schlock. Plus, if it’s supposed to be a romantic comedy, why does he look pissed off in the poster?

The people behind us seemed to love the movie, but I couldn’t wait for it to stop assaulting my eyes with its mediocrity.

Sigh...bad films really annoy me.

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  1. oh i'm sad to hear…i'm still waiting for ione skye to make her comeback...