Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dreams are Answers to Questions We Haven't Yet Figured Out How to Ask

It’s 10/13! The X-Files fanatics in my audience (like me) will recognize this day as creator Chris Carter’s birthday. Hence his production company name – Ten Thirteen Productions.

In homage (or maybe in self-indulgence – you decide), Chris would often feature the number 1013 in episodes of The X-Files here and there – Scully & Mulder would review file X-1013 or the mutant human monster would be kept in vault 1013. Delicious, nerdy fun.

To this day, whenever I look at a clock that reads 10:13, I think of the X-Files. Ah, fandom...

After my morning writing session, I caught up on new movie trailers to wash the bad movie mojo out of my head. It’s getting close to award season, so all the trailers I saw were dripping with Oscar potential. Best actress performances from Glenn Close (Albert Nobbs), Michelle Williams (My Week with Marilyn), and Michelle Yeoh (The Lady), plus best director bids from Clint Eastwood (J Edgar), Stephen Daldry (Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close), and Steven Spielberg (War Horse).

Then there were these:

I love brilliant, thought-provoking masterpieces of cinema, but I also love a fun, entertaining movie. They’re both worthy endeavors in my book. And if Joss Whedon’s name is on it, I’m IN. Can’t wait to see them!

After more afternoon writing, I headed out to the Film Panel at the Bel-Air Film Festival. This All-Access Pass is paying for itself!

Walking into the incredibly swanky Luxe Hotel Sunset and looking around at the people assembled in the courtyard before the panel, Christopher and I got the feeling that we weren’t in the presence of an independent film community, but a crowd full of posers. Way too many old, unattractive men with gorgeous blonde escorts. Hmm...

Our suspicions were confirmed just moments later. When the panel started, the moderator asked for a show of hands – who’s a director, who’s a producer, who’s an actor? When she asked who isn’t directly involved in filmmaking, the majority of the hands went up. Why were they even there?

Left the panel early and came home to watch the latest episode of my favorite new fall TV show – Revenge on ABC. An addictive show full of twists and turns, pitch perfect performances, and pretty pretty scenery. My new guilty pleasure!

What fall TV shows have you been enjoying?

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