Friday, July 13, 2012

Visiting San Diego, Not Comic-Con

I went to San Diego yesterday for dinner with friends who were attending Comic-Con. How much did I see without a Comic-Con badge? Plenty!

I began my mini-adventure by hopping on Amtrak at Anaheim - a very smart suggestion from a friend. Easier than departing from Union Station, plus free parking and a cheaper train ticket. Genius! (Though apparently I should have splurged for the Business Class ticket because Joss Whedon was on the same train!)

The walk from the train station to the Con was filled with surprises. I came upon this amazing mural --

Alongside a long line to get into The New Children's Museum for an Adventure Time experience. This show is crazy popular - Lumpy Space Princess is my favorite. Finn watched over the festivities --

Came upon two giant exhibits set up in a parking lot - one for A&E's new miniseries Coma --

And an outdoor cookout / game experience promoting The History Channel. The History Channel at Comic-Con? Okay...

Walked by the most clever piece of outdoor advertising I've ever seen --

And a few fake Wilfred dogs --

Before finally arriving at the heart of Comic-Con's external activities - San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter - overrun by banners and advertising --

Filled with hired actors handing out flyers and promoting whatever. A bunch of hospital patients sending people to the Coma exhibit in the parking lot --

I spotted the Swamp Thing! (At least, I think that's what he was...)

This was as close as I got to the Con --

Finally, I set out for my first destination - Tr!ck2ter! A pop-up shop featuring small run and limited edition books, fine art prints, toys, clothing, and more.

Wicked cool! I heard about it from the tweets of artist Nidhi Chanani, who was selling her wares there too --

I picked up a few treasures before heading to meet my X-Philes friends for dinner - more on that in the next blog post!

Maybe next year I'll venture into the Con again. Still too burnt out from previous Cons to even think about it. The goal is to return when I have a project of my own to promote. Better start writing!


  1. That might have been Swamp Thing or The Heap...(pushed thick black frame glasses up bridge of nose.)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for the tip! Not being able to recognize costumes at Comic-Con is commonplace for me. Nerdy as I am, I can be pretty clueless about the cosplay. Still fun though! :)