Thursday, July 5, 2012

My Independence Day Writing Marathon

Rather than get sucked into one of the many July 4th marathons on TV yesterday, I decided to have a marathon of my own - a writing marathon!

No Internet access, no running of errands, no TV breaks - just 10 straight hours of words on the page. Here's what the day looked like --

10:00 AM - Commenced writing!

12:00 PM - First two hours flew by! I worked through two pilot pitches I'd been procrastinating on all week. I was invincible!

12:30 PM - 15 minute lunch break - ate while reading this article about Katie Holmes taking on Scientology over my roommate's shoulder. Fascinating stuff!

1:30 PM - Found myself noticing the need to vacuum and thinking about how to hang pictures on my wall - distractions! Bad! Push through, push through!

2:30 PM - 15 minute power nap. This is my super power.

3:00 PM - Halfway through my 10 hour marathon! More than halfway through my pilot pitches too - 4 down, 3 to go. Switched it up by doodling on my comics class homework. --

6:30 PM - Looked up and realized I was at the home stretch - only a few hours left and I was still jamming away on ideas. I was a productivity machine!

8:00 PM - Concluded my first ever writing marathon! It's amazing how much work you can get done when you don't allow distractions or procrastinating. I immediately felt like this is how I should spend every day. We'll see if this level of commitment holds tomorrow.

I celebrated my success by hopping on the Internet (at last!) and checking email, Facebook, and Twitter while watching Fourth of July specials on TV, including this absolutely fierce performance from Amber Riley of Glee --

Learned that in San Diego, a computer error caused ALL of the fireworks to go off within 30 seconds. Hilarious!

Epic fail! Hope no one in San Diego got too angry about it all. A Facebook friend rightly pointed out - if that error happened in Boston, people would have rioted!

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