Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Completions and Beginnings

I love writing fiction stories.

Correction - I love starting fiction stories. Finishing them is an entirely different beast for me. Browse through my past Fiction Friday posts and you'll find the beginning of many, many stories. My follow through stinks.

That's why I was given a directive from my Relax & Write teacher to start finishing some of these stories before I start any more, so that's what I did today. I wrote the last piece of my latest fiction effort, tentatively titled "The Graffiti Artist."

Getting to that "The End" moment felt great. I spent the afternoon typing up all four sections --

Getting the word count at the end was very satisfying.

The next step is editing and rewriting - the toughest step, really. I'll tackle that tomorrow.

In the evening, I started something new - a class called Creating Comics & Graphic Novels, taught by Neal Yamamoto. I'm taking the class to figure out how to turn my clone pilot, which doesn't work as a television show, into a graphic novel. The first class was incredibly fun!

I learned a ton. Neal thoroughly covered everything from paneling basics to the different kinds of pencils used to draw comics. All with a good-natured smile and an encouraging energy that all teachers should have.

Then there was an in-class exercise. I can't draw, so my panel was primitive at best --

No penciling career ahead for me! But like Neal said, the only rule with creating comics is this - "GET IT DONE!"

Today was a good start.

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