Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Hump Day Update: Controversy Edition

All of my good artistic intentions were overshadowed this past week by controversy. Here, there, everywhere. Angry people en masse!

First there was the casting controversy over La Jolla Playhouse's production of The Nightingale - set in China, dressed like China, with no Chinese actors. Bullshit. Drove down to see the show and participate in a heated post-show discussion. Will blog about that later...

Then there was the tragic theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado. A horrible, horrible event that inspired some people to question the need for increased gun control and inspired others to viciously attack those people.

Seriously, the comments on any news item about the theater shooting became a hotbed of hatred. Celebrities like Andy Richter and Jason Alexander tweeted their opinions and practically got death threats. It was awful and exhausting.

Controversies continued to pop-up - Daniel Tosh told a rape joke that pissed people off, Celeb Boutique tweeted a tasteless ad for their Aurora dress, The Jim Henson Company severed ties with Chik-fil-A over their anti-gay stance - and ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE ON THE INTERNET.

So attempting to write in the midst of the emotional shitstorm of words and anger swirling around me was difficult. I stayed away from my laptop as much as possible this past week to maintain some semblance of sanity.

Louis CK says it best around 3:59 in this interview on The Daily Show. I'm not avoiding these controversies as much as choosing not to engage in counterattacks. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Attempting to convince people why their opinion is wrong doesn't interest me.

I prefer to read, listen, and consider what I can learn from a reasonable discussion. And then moving on with my life. And that's what I'm doing.

My best friend's newborn son was in the NICU all week - my energy and thoughts were much more devoted there. He's finally home now. And life goes on...

Feel free to share your opinions with me below - I welcome them all!


  1. this was a fun enjoyable read = )

  2. Sometimes it's best to hide in the storm cellar during a tornado. It may be dark and dank, but emerging safely really is the point.