Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Writing Recital

My writing class / creative home Relax & Write holds a recital every year where writers share favorite pieces with friends and family. It's a lovely afternoon filled with words, food, and love. (Much more enjoyable than the piano recitals of my youth!)

What does a writing recital look like? Well, we started with an always epic potluck spread --

Then settled in for the readings to start. The most friendly, receptive audience ever!

I volunteered to read first - why not? Pattie was apparently ready to laugh --

Though I chose one of my sadder pieces to share with the group. A fiction story about love lost to cancer. I moved myself to tears, which was slightly ridiculous yet completely awesome.

Then I rejoined the audience to relax and enjoy the rest of the readings. I remembered some of the pieces from when they were written in class - some almost a year prior! We laughed, cried, and clapped loudly.

It was another beautiful and memorable afternoon with these wonderful writers. I'm so blessed to have these incredible spirits in my life!

Until next year...

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