Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Momentum Machine

How does one generate momentum in their career? Then keep it going when the going gets tough?

I do it with the help of friends like Christopher.

You've seen his guest blogs around here, and hopefully you've seen the short film I produced for him:

(Misusing Irony was just accepted into the LA Film+Music Weekend, so watch for news on this blog for our screening at The Downtown Independent in March!)

After a morning of typing up more of my writing, we met for another personal catch-up/career pow-wow over foodie food. Lunch at Whole Foods then dessert at Whipp'd, formerly known as The House of Dole Whip, courtesy of a Groupon that expired today!

As artists, it's good to have someone keep you accountable on your projects. Christopher and I definitely do that for each other. We spun some ideas for marketing his newest writing projects and talked a little about my latest breakthrough and upcoming meetings.

We're planning an action short film about a hitman/hitwoman pair if anyone wants to give us money!

Coming up tonight: a casting director workshop and more typing!

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