Wednesday, February 8, 2012

AFI Audition Report

With the sun shining brightly this morning, I drove across town to audition for an AFI film. Every year, I pay $25 to join the SAG Conservatory so I can be in the AFI casting database that film students use to cast their projects. I’ve only been called once or twice over the past eight years, but this was my second AFI audition since the new year. I’m on a roll!

Parking at AFI is tough – I drove all the way to the top of the hill before I found a spot. Then walked down the giant outdoor staircase to the middle of campus. Today’s audition was in the basement of the Warner Building, where I discovered something amazing.

Multiple bulletin boards featuring actor headshots! Probably from actors who came for an audition and decided to leave behind a souvenir in hopes a passing filmmaker will take interest.

Every student had a mailbox along the wall, and there were also boxes for specific projects. Several actors had distributed postcards or business cards to every box.

That kind of mass self-promotion can be a waste of money if you’re a specific type like me, but the bulletin board was intriguing. I even saw flyers and resumes from a few below-the-line talent like PAs and composers.

So even though it felt a little cheesy, I tacked one of my headshots up before leaving, along with some business cards for friends’ businesses I always try to promote, including Bubba’s Chop Shop and Castle’s Catering.

You never know, right?

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