Thursday, February 23, 2012

From Long Beach to Studio City

Today was one of those driving days, where my car racked up more miles toward its ultimate goal of 240,000 miles, which, according to the Car Talk guys, is the distance between the Earth and the Moon. A nerdy goal for any nerdy car owner.

Started with a drive down to Long Beach for a meeting. Before this freelance job came up, the last time I'd been to Long Beach was when we shot this:

Yup, that was the episode my former writing partner and I wrote. Ty Trullinger is the man.

Long Beach seems like a nice city - wish I could have stayed all day. Plenty to see along Shoreline Drive, including a ferris wheel:

and The Aquarium of the Pacific!

Office buildings amidst palm trees:

Unfortunately had to head back home to squeeze in a tiny interval of writing time before heading up to Relax & Write class in Studio City. The drive over the hill was decidedly less scenic:

Though I got some great writing done in class!

How many miles do you have on your car?


  1. I'm at about 121,000 and I bought "the baby" brand new in December 2005. LA commutes will take you there---to the moon, that is.

  2. 39,000. The car is just over two years old...


    1. Ah, I remember the days of the early thousands... ;) I should add that my car is 12 years old - gettin' to the home stretch!

  3. Don't feel bad about not having time for Long Beach. That Ferris Wheel is part of a dying mall. Everything is closed. It's very LA; awesome looking from the outside, but inside it's a total mess.

    Also I too have a 2005 that recently rolled over 100,000 miles.